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Precast concrete elements supplied by our company are of high quality. This is ensure among others by the long-term experience of our suppliers and their relevant certificates such as: NordCert.

We specialize in the supply and installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures such as:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings slabs (Filigree slabs, hollow core slabs, massive ceiling slabs)
  • Balconies
  • Stairs
  • Special elements

The quality of the assembly performed by WAMA AB is confirmed by many years of a long-term experience of our employees and to skills gained on construction sites of the largest construction companies in Sweden.

We carry out small and large projects in the area of industrial, commercial, office and residential, and infrastructure construction (bridges, viaducts, tunnels).

Precast concrete elements offered by WAMA AB are made of according to highest standards, such as:

  • EN 13224 - Precast concrete products. Ribbed floor element
  • EN 13225 - Precast concrete products. Linear structural element
  • EN 13747 - Floor plates for floor systems
  • EN 14843 - Precast concrete products - Stairs
  • EN 14844 - Precast concrete products. Box culverts
  • EN 14992 - Precast concrete products. Wall element


Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures

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