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Our projects

WAMA AB has been operating on the Swedish market since 2011. During this time we have been completiting several dozens of execution for the biggest companies in the construction industry for example for: Skanska, Veidekke and SVEAB.

Among the executions in which we have been participating, you can find:

  • Lustgården where we habe been responsibling for the prefabricated fixing,
  • viaduct along the road No. 40, where we have been carring out installation of reinforcement and concrete supports,
  • Nya Karolinska Sjukhuset, where we have been fixing prefabircates and currently we are performing paving work,
  • Parking house under Torsplan where we have been responsiling for the installation of reinforcement.

Referenses from our clients prove their satisfaction and good quality of our works.

Feel free to contact us.

Selected projects

  • Nursing home in Staffanstorp
    Nursing home in Staffanstorp

    Designing, manufacturing, delivering and assembling of walls, floors, stairs, steel beams and balconies

  • Office building i Hässleholm
    Office building i Hässleholm

    Assembly of precast concrete elements

  • Residential buildings Hills Villastad
    Residential buildings Hills Villastad

    Construction of five houses, 4-storey residential buildings

  •  Viaduct along the road No. 40
    Viaduct along the road No. 40

    assembly of reinforcement, casting of foundations and pillars

  • Nya Karolinska Solna
    Nya Karolinska Solna

    assembly of precast concrete elements, paving works

  • Lustgården

    assembly of precast concrete elements

  • Garagehus under Torsplan
    Garagehus under Torsplan

    assembly of reinforcement

  • P-hus Hagastaden
    P-hus Hagastaden

    Concrete Structure execution

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